A picture posted by Twitter user @sheepswing is gathering attention of many SNS users.

No - not that cute dog or cat... It's a baby dragon!

Eyes that haven't yet open, and transparent skin... This baby dragon is certainly believable, yet it is actually made of felt.

This picture was posted on April 1st; the cuteness and lifelike felt work was well acclaimed on social media. Here are just some of such comments:

  • There's a sense of movement in this work - it really looks alive!
  • I bet mother dragon is looking for him!
  • So cute! I want to find one too...
  • I would love to see how this baby dragon will grow.
  • I thought it was real for a moment lol

Yeah, if I did see a baby dragon this cute, I'd definitely adore it like crazy!

@sheepswing creates all sorts of imaginary creatures using felt.

Awww... All of them are just so adorable. And when they are placed in a natural backdrop, they look even more real!

Now this is a sort of April fool prank I can actually enjoy.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.