While all doggos are good girls and boys, shiba inu tend to find themselves as the center of attention whenever they can. This adorable brand of charisma has translated itself into quirky goods such as shiba inu marshmallows and bubbly shiba inu glasses, and even a mini shiba inu cafe in Japan.

It might be their derpier moments that we find ourselves marveling at the most, however, as Japanese Twitter user @renkon2525 shows with a video of their household shiba inu determined to hunt down his target. His target being the leash he's wearing, that is.

@renkon2525 jokes that their shiba inu has an IQ of 5, but one commenter pointed out that it's quite possible the determined doggo is quite capable of grabbing the leash, but simply doesn't want to move away from the heater he's eternally circling.

By - Big Neko.