It's easy to focus on some of the more niche and adventurous items found in Japanese vending machines, such as edible bugs, high quality dashi, and even masturbatory goods.

Japanese beverage maker DyDo Drinco, however, seems to have an interest in having their vending machines cater to health needs (perhaps linked to the company's history as a medicine delivery business). Recently, the company announced vending machines that would only display the back of a beverage's bottle and nutritional information for health-conscious buyers. Now Dydo is stocking their vending machines with goods to help combat the coronavirus pandemic.

DyDo has announced that they will install 3,000 units of their vending machines with face masks and antibacterial wet tissues for purchase. While Japan no longer faces as extreme a mask or disinfectant shortage as it did in the past, DyDo hopes the convenience of being able to purchase some on the fly will help customers keep safe and "stay healthy" (as is the name of their campaign).

Masks come in packs of 2, and wipes in packs of 10. Both will be sold for 200 yen.

By - Big Neko.