Working at an owl cafe can be tough. Even though the staff feeds you well, makes sure you get your normal sleeping hours, and give you free massages, it can be tiring having to put up with people excited to pet you and tell you how cute you are all day. That's why at the end of a long day, the owl staff gets to set their own rules when it comes to unwinding, and for Momo-chan the owl, that R&R process starts by riding a toy horse with adorable apathy.

This cute and quirky video was posted by Japanese Twitter and Instagram user @5104127, or Erika, as her Instagram profile states. She's currently a staff member at an owl cafe in Kobe, so it should come as no surprise that she has many cute feathered friends. The one featured in this video is named Momo, and as you are about to see, Momo has some serious cowgirl skills (or just no F's left to give) to put on display after she jumps on a toy horse and lackadaisically rides it around.

Momo isn't the only owl that gets up to these antics, however, and while she may seem a bit laid back in this video, it looks like she and the whole staff have a lot of fun spreading their wings, making friends, and even kissing each other while on the job.

So if you're ever at the Kobe Fukurou Cafe, maybe you can ask Momo (top right) to show you some horse-riding tricks. They mostly involve sitting in place and twisting your head around, but much cuter.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.