Sure it’s easier to stay in touch with people nowadays through texting or email, but snail mail is far from obsolete. Still, it might take a tiny push for a lot of us to sit down and take time to write a letter longhand.

Well, if these new postage stamps from Japan Post aren’t enough to get you excited about sending letters, we don’t know what will.


Source: Japan Post

The new 52 yen (0.47 USD) and 82 yen (0.75 USD) stamps are the first round of beautifully designed stamps from the Wa no Monyō Series, or the “Traditional Japanese Design Series.”

They all feature traditional Japanese patterns in their designs, with 5 different patterns used in all:

Asa no Ha hemp leaf pattern and Mt. Fuji

Seigaiha wave crest pattern and plover

Shokkō lattice pattern and postal icons

Shippō cloisonné pattern and butterflies

Tatewaku vertical curvilinear pattern and eggplants

Each pattern has 2 designs, with a total of 10 different designs on each sheet.

The stamps will be available from June 17th, 2016, so you’ll have plenty of time to figure out what you want to write to mom. You will be able to find them at any post office in Japan or on the Japan Post online store, although they don’t ship internationally.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.