May 5th is Children’s Day in Japan, and with all the limited edition snacks and desserts popping up throughout the country (Pixar cakes, anyone?), it’s unquestionable that it’s a great time of the year to be a kid. But we’d like to believe that we’re all kids at heart, so some of us adults will humbly take this opportunity to enjoy what the holiday has to offer, too.

Oh, and you can bet we’ll be buying these Doraemon Japanese confectioneries when they come out.


Source: atpress

From April 30th, these cuter-than-ever Doraemon desserts will be making their way into Aeon stores throughout Japan (excluding Okinawa). At just 260 yen (2.40 USD), you’ll be able to appreciate the meticulously detailed art of Japanese confectionery and indulge in a sweet snack shaped into Japan’s favorite robot cat.

You’ll get not one but two Doraemon confectioneries made of bean paste, sugar, and rice cake flour. You’ll also find that in addition to the blue Doraemon, you will get a red Mini-Dora, or mini-Doraemon, in a different flavor.


Doraemon is filled with custard paste, sweet and simple.


Source: atpress


The red Mini-Dora is filled with milk paste.


Source: atpress

They’re both flavors kids are bound to love, but we’re sure many adults will be enjoying these edible Doraemon sweets with them.

We’ll try not to hog all the desserts. We promise.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.