Fans of Studio Ghibli that have visited Japan have most likely had the pleasure of making a trip to the not-so-easy to get into Ghibli Museum, a site that celebrates the history and works of world-famous animation studio. However, if you're an adult fan than you must also be familiar with the pang of jealousy one feels when they see the "kids only" sign that looms ominously over the Catbus playground within the museum. Well, you can kick those bitter feelings out of Ghibli's storybook window for at least a year, because starting this summer the museum will be hosting a simultaneous mega-revival of all its prior major exhibitions, including a Catbus that adults can board, that have been planned and overseen by legendary director Hayao Miayazaki himself.


While the museum is currently closed for maintenance and upgrading through July 15, 2016, it is set to reopen with a bang the very next day. Celebrating its 15th anniversary since opening, the Studio Ghibli museum will be kicking off a roughly year-long event titled "To the Ghibli Forest on the Catbus!" that allows visitors to experience past museum exhibits, all designed under the guidance of Hayao Miyazaki, that are themed after popular Ghibli movies and projects. These include Spirited Away, Heidi, Girl of the Alps, Ponyo on the Cliff by the Sea and Castle in the Sky. One such popular exhibit is "The View from the Catbus", which has visitors (children and adults alike), board the beloved feline bus and admire exhibits that show off charming lifelike landscapes of Ghibli films, which range from quaint Japanese countrysides, to Yubaba's bathhouse, to the mystical forests of Princess Mononoke.


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The adult-friendly Cat Bus is part of the theme behind the collage of the updated exhibitions, which is to bring children and adults together in a journey through the world of Ghibli. As of now there are scheduled to be 14 different exhibits, and the museum hopes that their new arrangements and additions will help fans experience the nostalgic universe that Ghibli has created more clearly than ever before. The museum feels that seeing the united scenery from the films altogether will be a "new way to watch Ghibli animation" and will help bring out the conceptual thoughts of the actual creators.

With at least 14 exhibits headlined by a Catbus that lets you look out the windows and into the fantastical worlds of different Studio Ghibli movies, this summer might be the best time yet to visit the Ghibli Museum, which will even have a Goldilocks and The Three Bears exhibit. Being able to jump from the world of one film to another may be as close as we ever get to a Studio Ghibli amusement park, so if you're a fan, come for the feels, goods, and become a Ghibli child all over again. There'll no doubt be some beautiful animated shorts showing in the theater!

Because Ghibli Museum tickets often require a reservation well in advance, they can be quite difficult to get a hold of if you are not already in Japan or have a friend there who can handle it for you. While the museum website provides information regarding that, on June 10th, 2016, Lawson's ticketing page will be unveiling an exclusive website for those who wish to purchase tickets from overseas.

The event starts July 16th (with tickets going on sale May 25th) and runs until May 2017.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.