Harajuku, in Tokyo's Shibuya Ward, is currently home to a special pop-up cafe that fans of the beloved manga and anime Urusei Yatsura are sure to appreciate.

Created by Rumiko Takahashi, Urusei Yatsura ran as a manga from 1978 to 1987 in Weekly Shonen Sunday magazine. The anime adaptation of the series aired in 1981 and was an instant hit, captivating audiences with its unique story and lovable characters. As fans surely know, 36 years later in 2022, the series made a comeback in the form of a new anime adaptation. To celebrate, Fuji Television and ERT decided to collaborate on a themed cafe to honor the show.

The "Urusei Yatsura Cafe" transports visitors to the world of the anime, with new illustrations featuring the main characters such as Ataru, Lum, and Ten-chan. The cafe's menu is also inspired by the show, with tasty savory and sweet items, as well as drinks sure to please fans! Of course, like any good pop-up anime collab cafe, you'll also be able to buy a wide variety of cool merch as well. There are also various other events and activities planned to give visitors a fully immersive experience!

Whether you're a long-time fan of the series or simply looking for a unique dining experience in Shibuya, a visit to the "Urusei Yatsura Cafe" should be on your calendar. Be sure to check it out before it closes its doors on Feburary 5th, 2023!

Menu Selections

The "Urusei Yatsura Cafe" offers a unique menu inspired by the characters.

Main dishes

For food options, customers can try 【諸星あたる】あっちこっちよそ見しないでセット Ataru's 'Don't get distracted (checking out girls) here and there' Set (1,500 JPY), a plate set featuring both a hamburger and an omelet that is sure to satisfy if you share Ataru's love for food.

Another option is 【ラム】ラムの愛情たっぷり鬼オングラタントースト Lum's 'Full of Love' Oni-on cheese gratin toast (1,500 JPY), a cheese and spinach cream topped toast designed in Lum's signature Oni tiger stripes, optionally served with hot sauce for those who prefer it spicy.

Lastly, for those looking for something really spicy, there's 【テン】テンちゃんのファイヤーカレー Ten-chan's Fire Curry (1,400 JPY) which imagines Ten-chan's spacecraft and flames in a delicious curry dish, also served optionally with a side of hot sauce.


For dessert, customers can try 【諸星あたる×ラム】電撃パンケーキ Ataru and Lum's "Dengeki Pancake" (1,200 JPY), a pancake inspired by the electric shock attacks Lum is famous for.

There's also the 【三宅しのぶ】乙女の怪力パフェ Shinobu's 'superhumanly strong maiden' parfait (1,300 JPY) which is a parfait that imagines Shinobu throwing a cake at Ataru.

If you love pudding, try 【面堂終太郎】ぷるぷるタコプリン Shūtarō Mendō's jiggly octopus pudding (1,000 JPY) which is inspired by Shūtarō's beloved octopus pets.


As for drinks, customers can try ラムのトラ柄ソーダ Lum's tiger print soda" (900 JPY), a tropical lemon and passion fruit soda with grass jelly inspired by Lum's signature outfit.

If you fancy soda floats, try one of the カラーフロート(パープル/イエロー/グリーン)"Color Floats" (900 JPY) served in a retro style glass with the anime's logo on it. Purple is Kyoho grape soda and strawberry ice cream, yellow is strawberry milk and pistachio ice cream, while green is melon milk and vanilla ice cream.

Finally, there's テンちゃんのわたあめソーダ Ten-chan's cotton candy soda 990 JPY, a lemon soda decorated with a fluffy cotton candy call inspired by Ten-chan.

You can also order kissaten (Japanese coffee shop) style coffee (500 JPY) or Viennese coffee (700 JPY) if you want a caffeine hit.

Finally, you can buy a チャーム付きボトルドリンク, a special drink in a glass flask-like bottle adorned with an original charm (1,800 JPY).


Acrylic keychain (1 of 6 at random): 850 JPY

Acrylic magnets; heart-shaped badges: 650 JPY; 550 JPY (1/6 a.r.)

Dolomite coasters (Lum/Ten); Sticker set (7): 1,300 JPY; 1,000 JPY

Long-sleeved t-shirt (M/L); clear pouch: 6,800 JPY; 1,200 JPY

Mug; lunch tote bag: 1,800 JPY each

Hand towel (2 types): 900 JPY


Customers who make a reservation and orBOX cafe&space 原宿アルタ店/2022年12月8日(木)~2023年2月5日(日)  東京都渋谷区神宮前1-16-4 原宿アルタ 3階der something from the menu will automatically receive an original A4 clear plastic file (1 of 7 chosen at random). Moreover, those who order a drink will also receive an original paper coaster (1 of 6 chosen at random).


  • Name: うる星やつらカフェ "Urusei Yatsura Cafe"
  • Venue: BOX cafe&space
  • Address: 東京都渋谷区神宮前1-16-4 原宿アルタ 3階 (3F Harajuku Alta 1-16-4 Jingumae Shibuya-ku Tokyo)
  • Period: Until February 5th, 2023
  • Hours: 10:30 to 20:00
  • Allotted time: 80 minutes
  • Official website for more information and to make reservations (600 JPY reservation fee).

All prices indicated above are not inclusive of tax


By - grape Japan editorial staff.