Easter events have become quite popular in recent years in Japan.

Some people even enjoy this holiday event by playing an egg-hunt or egg spoon race game at home.

Easter is the first Sunday after Shunbun (spring equinox day).

This year in 2021, Easter was on April 4th.

Traditional Japanese sweets maker Masaaki Miyake (@beniyamiyake) made special Easter Wagashi (traditional Japanese confection dessert) this year.

Miyake has made many animal themed Wagashi in the past. There are many fans of his adorable creations.

Now, let’s take a look at his Easter Wagashi creations that are too cute for words.

Source: @beniyamiyake

Source: @beniyamiyake

"Chick wagashi for Easter weekend. The “eggs” that like boiled eggs, have yellow anko (sweet bean paste) in them."

"You’d think they are available for purchase since the designing is all nicely done now. Unfortunately, I’m too spent to make a batch for the shop. m(__)m"

The fluffiness on those chickens and chicks, though!

The egg-shaped ones have “egg yolk” inside, made with sweet yellow bean paste.

This photo just makes you want to run to the store and buy some, but unfortunately they are not for sale.

There were many positive reviews on this creation by those who saw Miyake’s post; “too adorable” “So fluffy!” “I really hope they would be available for purchase next year!”

Wagashi is not only a tasty dessert, but also an art work that can be shaped into any animals or cute objects. The artistic aspect of Wagashi culture is definitely what attracts many of us!

By - Mugi.