The Italian island of Lampedusa is widely known for its pristine beaches, and oceans so transparent that boats look like they are floating in midair.

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It would come as no surprise if Lampedusa was found at the top of every beach-lover’s list of future travel destinations, but there is actually another astoundingly gorgeous island in a completely different part of the world — Kochi Prefecture, Japan.

Kashiwa Island — The Lampedusa Of Japan

Japan’s very own immaculate beach can be found on Kashiwa Island. Located near the western coast of Kochi Prefecture, it is home to a quiet fishing village, and is connected to the main island by two bridges.

Approximately 1,000 species of fish live in the surrounding ocean, and one of the most popular activities for tourists is scuba diving to see the diverse, beautiful marine life up close. Those familiar with Japanese beaches might assume that Okinawa boasts the best beaches in the country, but Kashiwa Island is a hidden gem that hasn’t quite received the recognition is deserves.

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Just like Lampedusa, boats coasting over the waters appear as though they are moving in midair, just above a shimmering expanse of the clear blue sea. Lush green mountains are also visible from the ocean, a cooling sight for when you’re out at sea in the summer heat.

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Meet the colorful marine life of the sea

Due to Kashiwa Island’s diverse marine life, it’s become a popular spot for tourists who want to try scuba diving or surf fishing, and the beaches quickly fill up with visitors during the summer seasons.

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If you’re a camper, the island also has a camping facility where you can enjoy hiking, snorkeling, and barbecues in-between or after spending the day at the beach.

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Japan already has a lot to offer in terms of beautiful travel destinations, but if you’re seeking a getaway at one of the country’s most beautiful beaches, Kashiwa Island is sure to make an ideal candidate.

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.