Twitter user @dragongarowLEE's latest illustration are getting massive amounts of feedback online in Japan, because he gathered together a whole bunch of bald characters from various anime.


Source: @dragongarowLEE

As you can see, all the characters in the illustration are bald (or a large part of their hair missing). Can you tell who is who?

You may recognize Master Roshi and Tenshinhan from Dragon Ball, but there is also Saitama from One-punch Man and Kitakita-oyaji from Magical Circle Guru Guru.


Source: @dragongarowLEE

To the left bottom of the illustration is Doctor Dekapan, Chibita, and Hijirisawashonosuke from Osomatsu-san.


Source: @dragongarowLEE

To the right top of the illustration we find Uncle Jam from Anpanman and Q-taro. I don't know whether Charlie Brown is bald, however...


Source: @dragongarowLEE

Being able to replicate different 'touches' of each character is impressive indeed.

@dragongarowLEE also did a group-photo-like illustrations based on a single theme.

Group Illustrations

Here are some other high-definition illustrations of mine!

School uniform characters


Source: @dragongarowLEE

Macho characters


Source: @dragongarowLEE

Black-haired women


Source: @dragongarowLEE

"Brother" characters


Source: @dragongarowLEE

Pretty cool, don't you think? @dragongarowLEE also has other drawing, including watercolor, on his Twitter account.

Another drawing done - this might actually be one of my favorites!

Today is a day to commemorate THIS character!

Check out his Twitter account for more of his fantastic works!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.