An ad agency with only 4 employees might seem really small, but it only takes one brilliant mind to come up with creative ideas that can be utilized in our everyday lives. Take the designs of Tokyo Design Studio GOES, a company that works on ads, posters, catalogues, and a plethora of other items we come across on the daily. In addition to the various projects their handful of staff take on for clients, GOES also shares many whimsical, humorous, and hands down ingenious imaginary prototypes of products we wish existed in real life.

Such designs are regularly posted on GOES' official Twitter account, and while some have indeed become actual products, most have remained in the realm of social media as odds and ends we would love to get our hands on. From dainty sakura postage stamps to ramen bowl-shaped spoons, it's hard to pick a favorite, and hopefully one day they'll all be available for us to enjoy as actual products.

Sticky rice note pads

Sushi roll chopstick sleeves

10 yen postage stamps

Vending machine erasers

Lantern crossing lights

Ramen bowl-shaped spoons

Slanted cans for easy opening

Katana iPhone case that doubles as a phone charger

LINE app-inspired bookshelf with "read" and "unread" shelves

By - grape Japan editorial staff.