Source: @twd_hm

Summertime Sweet! Crystal Clear Lemon Soda Mochi

Warabi Mochi is a different type of Mochi, it is a translucent, cool, summer sweet like jelly. The popular sweet is more known in the traditional area of Kansai, west Tokyo. It is chewy and delicious eaten with kinako powder after being cooled in the refrigerator.

As different from the standard light brown color Warabi Mochi, a company transcends it into a crystal clear marbles.

Inside these mysterious fun looking marbles has a taste of sweet lemon soda. After throwing 2 to 3 of them into your mouth, the addiction will forever keep going, especially once you figure out of covering it with the white soft kinako powder, you are on your way to the stairways of heaven.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.