Source: PR Times

Japan Now Has Pancake Mochi Ice Cream

Yukimi Daifuku is a very popular brand of mochi ice cream in Japan, with the standard flavor consisting of vanilla ice cream packed inside thin chewy wrappings of mochi rice cakes. In a followup to the sakura strawberry flavor, Yukimi Daifuku is releasing what looks to be a super-sweet collision of flavors with mochi pancake ice cream!

The new treat is made of maple flavored mochi, stuffed with pancake flavored ice cream and a Canadian maple syrup filling.

The maple syrup pancake mochi ice cream, Yukimi Daifuku Mochi Mochi Pancake ("mochi mochi" is a term used to refer to anything with the chewy and somewhat gelatinous texture of mochi) goes on sale in Japan starting March 2nd.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.