There are many sounds in life that have a strangely satisfying charm to them. The crackling of a log fire on a cold night, the perfect swish of a ball through a basketball net, or simply crackling of bubble-wrap. Japanese Twitter user @CelloMetalgirl has made a surprisingly inspiring addition to that list with this chance meeting between a running vacuum cleaner and a harmonica, which made made what sounded like a disastrous combination into the sound of hilarious catharsis.

The sound the unusual union results is reminiscent of a victory theme in a Japanese RPG, or shutting down Windows 95. The strangely soothing sound has become immensely popular, resulting in it being turned into this 2001: A Space Odyssey meme.

@CelloMetalgirl's father accidentally bumped the vacuum cleaner into the harmonica by chance, but once they heard this revelation of a sound, they re-staged it to share it with the world.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.