It can be unfortunately uncommon to read headlines about some Japanese companies not offering much in the way of relief when it comes to working hours and vacation time, with a heavy workload to boot. Japanese idol group otaku can count on at least one company, however, to offer some special reprieve specifically geared towards their fandom.

President of Hiroro Inc. @itaru9Z recently made waves on Twitter for revealing that his company would offer paid leaves for fans of idols who needed to take time off to grieve or celebrate should their favorite member of an idol group leave due to graduating from said group or get married.

The president of the company shared the above Tweet stating that "It's been decided that an employee's favorite idol will graduate, so the company has added a congratulation or condolence leave clause to its work rules." The new clause refers to the "graduation" of an idol, which is the term used for when a member departs from the group they perform in.

The clause is being called the "oshi kyuuka", with "oshi" being common lingo in the idol community for "favorite member", although it can sometimes refer to the fan of that performer themselves. The clause states that in addition to allowing employees to (if they apply a week in advance) leave work early or take a day off in the event of an unannounced or guerilla live concert, they are also allowed to take ten paid days off should their favorite idol member graduate, and even three paid days off for "second favorite" members and subsequently ranked members.

All days off are paid in full, and a final clause says that in the case of emotional or mental damage to the employee, additional recovery days can be added as necessary.

As for the reasoning behind such special idol fan specific leave, it's apparently because the president and the company itself are close to the situation by nature. Hiroro Inc. works in a variety of entertainment-related ventures, including holding live idol events and producing a photo book of singer Kanna Murata.

According to Yahoo News, @itaru9Z stated " "I just talked to the employee in question and they were in a state of depression that I felt really bad for, so I realized that this system is absolutely necessary for otaku to work."

By - Big Neko.