This is Mini-kun, a tiny but persevering Japanese kitten. Mini-kun had a bit of an eye problem, but was able to get better with the help of some kitty medicine.

Mini-kun had another problem though, one that there are no eye-drops for. Confronted with stairs for the first time, Mini-kun had quite the struggle. In a video posted by his human and Japanese Twitter user, @Iwannabethemax, the tiny little kitten faces an adorable uphill battle against a set of stairs. The video was titled "three weeks ago".

But as the text of the first video would suggest, Mini-kun has had three weeks to practice and make purrfect with his stair climbing ability. After that time passed, @Iwannabethemax posted this video showing off Mini-kun's triumph over the stairs, saying "Before I even knew it..."

Normal for us, but this is a true Rocky moment for Mini-kun!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.