Performing a killing business isn’t easy, especially if your existence is no where justified as a spirit nor human, life can be just tedious. Furthermore, if you take your job lightly, humans could lose interest in taking that step of curiosity to look into your promotion cursed video tape. And therefore, you lose clients.

To avoid that happening, a VR experience from @tatsunoru helps you become the legendary spiritual monster or ghost, the Sadako Yamamura, who possesses supernatural abilities that caused a number of unfortunate events for her, lead to herself being thrown down in a deep well.

As a result of being bullied and screwed around with humans, she uses her power to create a cured video tape that whoever watches it could lead the person into despair.

For the ease of beginners, underneath the well has a sign that shows you how to proceed with the kill.

Sadako’s Killing Instruction:

1. To whoever watches the curse video, turn the person’s TV on.

2. Crawl up towards to the TV location.

3. Ring and connect the person’s telephone.

4. Enter inside the TV.

As you can see, the step stones of crawling narrow tunnels and going behind filthy walls just to bring someone in hell is devastatingly hard. Besides the physical part, living with the sad pain then alter it with your supernatural ability to curse someone is simply not healthy. But at least now with the Sadako VR experience, the outsiders like us can finally understand a little more about Sadako’s job and struggles.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.