Unlike the United States, Japanese citizens are allow to drink freely in public. And recently, the Osaka train station is offering beer and food inside the train station. This may look unfair and sort of unreal, but it’s Japan, the place where the real party starts.

Even the train itself converts into traditional tatami style, with Suntory beer, and Izakaya style mixes of Japanese food.

The 4 straight days party event was scheduled by Keihan electric railway, a celebration for the new Nakanoshima Line that finally extended the transportation route to the west of Osaka. However, the station is not being utilized fully as expected. Since redundant posters and annoying ads could disgust the passengers, Keihan’s resolution is pretty simple - throw a party inside the train station.

The entry costs 1000 yen, and gives you a set of 100 yen food and drink tickets. Children get free entry. On the beginning day of June 22nd, 500 customers had already approached in the first hour after it opened at 5pm. A total of 250 seats are available on the platform and inside carriages, so customers may have to wait in line during the peak period. As most Izakaya are allow smoking, the event is completely non-smoking since it’s inside a train station.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.