Starting July 7th, Tokyo City View in Roppongi Hills will be hosting a gallery exhibit focusing on the art of Studio Ghibli films. As a seasonal collaboration with the exhibit, Tokyo City View's cafe and restaurant The Sun will be offering a menu inspired by the works of Studio Ghibli. This means that after taking in all the nostalgic and charming art of your favorite films from the legendary animation studio, you can sit down and enjoy food from the films as well as the closest thing to an official Studio Ghibli burger.

Totoro is ready to serve you up a pitch black burger.


Makkuro (Pitch Black) Burger

At this point, it should come as no surprise that a seasonal burger in Japan features black buns. Unlike some in the past, however, this burger doesn't make use of squid ink and gets its dark color from bamboo charcoal. Besides, the black burger takes its inspiration from the Makkuro Kurosuke soot sprites which charmed everyone in My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.


Source: Mori


Source: Wikia/Sootballs

Laputa Toast

Perhaps a bit simple and outside of looking as delicious as the food in all Studio Ghibli films, this piece of toast topped with a fried egg has actually become a nostalgic snack for many Japanese people, and even before the exhibit release was affectionately referred to as Laputa Toast. It comes with a side of meatball soup that no doubt makes for a great dipping combination.


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Green Tea Umbrella Shaved Ice

Shaved ice has long been a favorite summer dessert in Japan, and this green tea flavored version of it topped with an umbrella is a callback to My Neighbor Totoro.


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Exhibit Memorial Parfait

A colorful parfait to celebrate the exhibit.


Source: Mori

The art exhibit, as well as the Studio Ghibli inspired menu featured at The Sun, will run until September 11th. Dig in!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.