Japanese clothing brand Itemya has a habit of releasing cool and geeky fantasy-related goods, as evidence by their stocking of the recent Wizard Parka that transforms you into a stylish JRPG Battle Mage. Now Itemya, whose name is a reference to the generic "item shops" found in fantasy games, has released the perfect accessory to pair with their Wizard Parkas, a book bag modeled after magical spell books.


Source: Cospa/Itemya

Officially titled the "Book of Magic" Bags, these book bags can carry around your goods while looking like magical tomes, grimoires, books of sorcery, or whatever brand of the dark arts you prefer.


Source: Cospa/Itemya

The leather straps and and magical lettering give the bag the aesthetic of an ancient spellbound tome.


Source: Cospa/Itemya

But opening it up will reveal a fully functional book bag that can fit B5 sized files inside (roughly the size of a Weekly Shounen Jump magazine), as well as enough pockets and compartments for pens, phones, pads, and whatever other accessories you need to protect with the arcane arts.


Source: Cospa/Itemya

Slung over your back it's the perfect complement to the Wizard Parka, or even the perfect utility bag for cosplay and Halloween.


Source: Cospa/Itemya

The bags are currently planned on being released in September, but reservations can be made at Cospa (there's an English guide button at the very bottom of the page in small print), for 6,264 yen ($60.13). Another option for those making domestic reservation in Japan is eccentric bookstore Village Vanguard. In the mean time, those looking to pick up an already available Wizard Park can pick up a red one here, or a black one here.

Now start practicing your magical spell recitations!


Source: Cospa/Itemya

By - grape Japan editorial staff.