Nintendo's Kirby has plenty to boast about when it comes to his own line of food and merchandise in Japan, including a head bed that simulates being swallowed whole by the hero of Dream Land, as well as his very own cafe with an adorable menu. His latest food incarnation, however, is a Lawson convenience store exclusive and a puffy take on traditional Japanese sweets. Kirby Warp Star mochi!

Sold as a two-piece set, it features a piece of mochi modeled after Kirby himself, as well as a Warp Star you can feel free to set the pink hero on or eat separately. The Kirby mochi piece is filled with custard cream, while the Warp Star contains chocolate cream.

Furthermore, different packages feature different Kirby facial expressions, including a secret one.

Those in Japan can enjoy the chocolate cream custard mochi Kirby sets at Lawson, where they'll go on sale for 324 yen a pack starting April 23rd.

By - Big Neko.