Japanese online retailer Bibilab is no stranger to eccentric indoor clothing and pajamas, including a pigtails shaped pillow bed that you can wear. But now that the Winter season is in full stride, they've been turning the Japanese schoolgirl uniforms as an unlikely way to keep you warm and comfy for lazy days lounging at home. Now the retailer is combining two items emblematic of modern Japan for the ultimate in cute indoor lounge wear: a Japanese schoolgirl uniform that acts as a personal kotatsu.

The latest product is part of the Sailor Collection, or comfortable indoor wear modeled after actual Japanese girl school uniforms, is the "wearable blanket type", also referred to as the self-kotatsu. If you're not familiar with a kotatsu, they are low-seated tables fitted with a heater where the heat is trapped under a large and comfy blanket. They are a staple furniture piece of Japanese houses in the winter, and are intoxicating in how comfy they are. While the wearable blanket type isn't heated like a kotatsu, it's a loose fitting and billowy school-girl uniform and blanket hybrid that will keep you warm and cute wherever you are.

Japanese school uniforms have somewhat of a fetishization in Japan, and not entirely as a sexual thing either. Many people view them as a cute embodiment of youthful days and school communities, so the opportunity to bring back those memories even while being a lazybutt at home has a certain appeal. This model is made from high quality fleece fabric, and is specifically designed to be loose and friendly to touch, so that it's comfortable no matter what position you relax in. Appropriately, if you sit in the right way, it spreads out around you and covers your legs like a kotatsu, or even a princess dress.

Bibilab also says they appeal to a certain frustration of schoolgirls who liked wearing their uniforms, but had to suffer through the Winter season with skirts that just weren't long enough to keep them warm. The appeal to relive the days of your youth are probably second to just looking like a schoolgirl in a pullover-blanket, however!

While the product is available at a number for Japanese retailers for 9,000 yen, it can be purchased slightly cheaper on Amazon.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.