For some anime fans, the idea of being able to spend time with your favorite fictional character is the fantasy version of a carrot being dangled in front of their face. Although ultimately unattainable, some efforts have been made to bring anime characters to life, fans that have a particularly intimate attachment to these characters some times opt for huggable anime body pillows, body sized pillows fitted with cases that feature a print of an anime character's body.

While some expensive pillow cases are equipped with vocal abilities, an otaku by the Twitter handle of @celestion4311 demonstrated a more frugal means of getting his pillow case to talk to him by draping it over a speaker--which then played recorded lines from the anime character!

The entire setup, @celestion4311 says, cost roughly $9,574.86 USD. The speaker-possessed anime character asks her otaku Dr. Frankenstein if he is all right, and says that he seems to have awoken from a nightmare. She tells him that because she herself does not dream, she cannot be of help to him, and apologizes.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.