Japan will always leap at the opportunity to launch a burger with black buns, whether its to celebrate Ghostbusters or Studio Ghibli films. Thankfully SEGA and BBC Earth provide the country's more eccentric burger chefs and opportunity to tackle differently colored buns with this eye-catching blue burger.



It's simply called the "Blue Burger" (creative, I know), and is available at the cafe restaurant of the Orbi Science Museum in Yokohama, which is a collaborative effort for educational entertainment purposes between SEGA and the BBC. The blue buns, said to be made from a natural blue coloring, are designed to look like planet Earth (ala BBC earth) and of course represent SEGA's blue color motif. It's also not totally a burger, but a fried chicken sandwich with teriyaki sauce.

This isn't the first time the unusually colored burger has been made available at Orbi, but for their "burger days" the blue chicken sandwich makes special appearances and can be ordered in limited numbers due to the blue buns. If the coloring doesn't put you off, it may be a fitting treat to consume the world you just spent an hour or so exploring at a science museum. A Blue Burger will run you 470 yen ($4.44 USD).

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By - grape Japan editorial staff.