Just a few days ago, Burger King Japan announced that it would be making a new addition to its menu: The Fake Burger. However, Burger King decided to make the announcement a bit mysterious, putting a heavily pixelated mosaic over the contents of the burger (drawing some jokes comparing it to McDonald's Japan's Adult Cream Pies).

The name had many believe it would be a plant-based substitute patty, while the Japanese hint description of "soft and flaky, and fluffy" along with its orange-yellowish color suggested perhaps an egg-based burger. The fast food chain has now removed the mosaic and unveiled its contents, in a move that adds some novelty to their menu but also is likely getting a chuckle from those in the U.K. The Fake Burger is a burger containing french fries and meat sauce.

The Fake Burger sandwiches a serving of french fries and 100% beef meat sauce in between two buns spread with mayonnaise. Of course, flexible foodies in the U.K. will be happy to tell you that this is essentially a Burger King take on the Chip butty, a sandwich of chips (read: fries) and a sauce of your liking. In the case of Burger King Japan, that's a sauce made of minced meat.

The Fake Burger will be available from October 23rd to November 5th, for 290 yen on its own, and in value sets with French fries (M) and a drink (M) for 590 yen--although you can upgrade your sides to onion rings, popcorn shrimp, chili cheese fries, or a Caesar Salad for an extra fee.

By - Big Neko.