If you’re looking to have a traditional, breathtaking, and rather rare Japanese cultural experience this summer, look no further than the Wanoakari x Hyakudan Kaidan 2016 art exhibition. Open until August 28th, the annual event has come back even greater than last year, with colorful illuminations lighting up the historical venue.


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Wanoakari x Hyakudan Kaidan 2016 will feature 36 Japanese illuminations put together under themes such as matsuri (festivals), art, traditional industrial art objects, and traditional culture. Visitors will enjoy a mesmerizing day of exhibitions including a haunted house, sentō (Japanese communal bath house), and art illuminations themed after Japan’s many festivals.

But what makes this grand exhibition even more special is its venue. Held at Hyakudan Kaidan (Stairway of 100 Steps) in Meguro Gajoen, the event actually thrives inside one of Japan’s designated Tangible Cultural Properties, filled with 126 paintings representative of the Showa Period (1926-1989). They’ve even opened up one of the rooms surrounding the 100 steps for the first time in 81 years!

Haunted House


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Sentō (Japanese communal bath house)


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Aomori Nebuta Festival


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And more!


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Visitors are free to take pictures throughout the exhibition, which is in fact an incredibly rare opportunity at this particular location. Photographs are usually prohibited at Hyakudan Kaidan except during this event, so if you get the chance to go, make sure to take lots of pictures.

Wanoakari x Hyakudan Kaidan 2016

Location: Hyakudan Kaidan, Meguro Gajoen
Date: July 1st to August 28th
Fee: 1,200 yen general admission (11.85 USD)

By - grape Japan editorial staff.