By now you may be familiar with Sanrio's popular mascot character Rilakkuma--Japan's favorite relaxed bear. The super cuddly bear is so popular, he has his own themed cafe. While Rilakkuma sits atop a mountain of merchandising goods and adorable prospects, Sanrio may have just released the Rilakkuma item to rule them all: this gigantic Rilakkuma stuffed animal cuddle pillow.


Source: PR Times

Rilakkuma, whose name originates from "relaxed" and "kuma" (Japanese for "bear"), may have found the perfect form to live up to his name in this enormous stuffed animals that measures 165 cm in height (65 inches) and 105 cm in width (41 inches). He also clocks in at 8.8 kg (20 lbs), so you'll get quite a workout just by hugging him. While this large stuffed animal incarnation may make the bear Japan fell in love with appear to have put on a few pounds, he more than makes up for it by being the perfect cuddle buddy.

Maybe a bit difficult to lift, but all too rewarding to hug

Source: PR Times

If you have any of Rilakkuma's friends, you can assemble the whole gang


Source: PR Times

After a long day, we all need a bear to lean on.


Source: PR Times

If you can arrange for order in Japan at Sanrio's online shop, you can place an order up until September 4th, with expected delivery in November. Sanrio does have an online English language shop, so it's not improbable that this would eventually be released down the line. With its size, the price is a somewhat understandable 66,343 yen ($656.91), so you better really like Rilakkuma!

By - grape Japan editorial staff.