You're probably familiar by now with Japan's love of mascot characters, or Yuru Characters ("Gentle" characters), particularly for regional areas and prefectures, as they even have an annual contest to pick the best regional mascot in the country. Although sometimes they end up looking like poop, these mascots usually are modeled after their region's famous delicacies and qualities. For instance, Aomori prefecture's Nyango Star from Kuroishi city appears to be a hybrid between a cat and Aomori's famous apples. However, the cute character has another skill--drumming like a pro to rocking bands like X-Japan.

That's Nyango Star playing the drums in a semi-performance of Kurenai (紅), or "Crimson" by legendary Japanese band X-Japan at a university student event in Aomori called "ROCK'N' AOMOROLL". The appropriately apple red feline surprised viewers with skills so good that many speculated band drummer YOSHIKI might actually have been inside the mascot costume. Here's a longer video of the performance.

Although Nyango Star's skills are making a wave on the Japanese internet right now, Kuroishi city's mascot actually has a reputation for these drumming performances, and not just to X-Japan classics either. Here's a bit from his rocking resume.

So if you ever see a bright red apple cat thing take the stage in Japan, don't worry, you're probably going to see a good show! Until then, feel free to check in with Nyango Star on Facebook and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.