C_Suzuki (@C_S0325) is the lucky owner of two adorable shiba dogs, both of whom clearly understand the delicious, simple flavor of a good ol’ plate of edamame.

One day, when the dogs saw their human’s hands dipping into the lush forest of green edamame, their instincts took them right to the source of action. But as they stared at C_Suzuki with expressions of supreme joy, they were immediately thrown into a deep pit of disappointment when they realized the yummy snacks weren’t for them.

These dogs came to mug me of my delicious edamame.
Their expressions are exactly the same when they watch me take the edamame in my hand, and when the edamame disappear into my mouth.


Shiba #1


Source: @C_S0325


Source: @C_S0325

Shiba #2


Source: @C_S0325


Source: @C_S0325

The death stares of the shibas look just like how ours would if anyone tried this monstrosity on us, only a lot more adorable. But even if these shibas weren't able to enjoy their share of edamame, we hope they got a special treat for themselves afterwards.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.