If you keep a tab on some of the stranger flavored foods that get released in Japan, you may be familiar with the work of karaage (Japanese style fried chicken) chain Tenka Torimasu. In the past they've collaborated with Kamen Joshi, an idol unit from Akihabara who wear masks like the tokusatsu superheros--who you may be familiar with thanks to the viral campaigning of Kamina Erina, who once tried to break a stack of roof tiles with her breasts. Collaborations between the idol group and chicken chain have resulted in creatively using ingredients to make girl's sweat and soles of girl's feet flavored fried chicken.

Now Tenka Torimasu claims they've released a variety of fried chicken that tastes like the hair of a Japanese idol girl.

Before we get to that culinary breakthrough, here is a refresher on how they made their two previous bizarre flavors.

"Soles of Idol Girl's Feet Flavored Fried Chicken" (Topped with Natto, or sticky fermented soybeans)

"Sweat of Idol Girl Flavored Fried Chicken" (Topped with salt, lemon juice, and cheese sauce)

And now...

"Hair of an Idol Girl Flavored Fried Chicken"

So what exactly does the hair of an idol girl taste like? A quick look at a serving of the new flavor reveals that it's a standard helping of karaage, but topped with shredded nori (seaweed). That alone isn't so surprising, as karaage and nori can be found in just about any Japanese bento box. What appears to be the key ingredient to the idol girl hair flavoring is actually a dollop of "Gohan Desu Yo", a seasoned seaweed, sugar, and soy sauce paste that many Japanese enjoy by spreading on hot white rice or toast. It has a bold and salty kelp flavor that apparently tastes like...an idol's hair.

If you're in Japan and looking for a non-criminal way to find out what the hair of a famous idol tastes like, you can check Tenka Torimasu locations to see if they have the hairy concoction available. It's priced at 400 yen.

By - Big Neko.