We've seen some lifelike Pokémon sculptures from talented artists around the world, but the creations of Nendoyorishin (Twitter, YouTube) stand out not only for their realism, but the way the clay artist from Japan is often able to incorporate their ability and Pokémon-type into some sort of everyday appliance function.

With Voltorb phone chargers, amazing Turtwig planters, Shellder party lights, and even edible Frosglass dolls, Nendoyorishin has something for every Pokémon fan.

Their latest piece doesn't have any particular ability, but it's incredibly adorable and realistic craftsmanship will have you convinced that the charming grass and flying type Rowlet has flown right out of the game and into your life.

Nendoyorishin took the life-sized Rowlet to the beach, and it looks right at home--even wearing a bow tie made out of actual leaves!

On their YouTube channel, the artist takes you through the process of crafting the incredible Rowlet, which was made only using clay, a rubber tree, and the leaves.

The adorable Rowlet looks right at home strolling on the beach and hanging out with its pals.

You can see more of the awesome Rowlet an other lifelike Pokémon creations by following Nendoyorishin on Twitter and YouTube.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.