Anyone who has ever had the fun hassle of raising more than one cat knows that forcing a peaceful meeting between a veteran and newcomer can be initially hostile. That's when happened when human Miaou brought home a one day old kitten named Maya-chan. After a little while Miaou decided to introduce Maya-chan to veteran calico cat Mike, but unfortunately Mike took poorly to the adorable newcomer.


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After three weeks, however, perhaps the new-cat smell wore off and Miaou decided to challenge a peace-meeting again. This time Maya-chan was big enough to approach Mike on her own, and was sporting some pleading kitty eyes that even the sternest of cats couldn't turn down.

Things didn't quite work out at first.


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Not to be deterred, Maya-chan cuddled away to prove love conquers all.


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And Mike just couldn't resist any longer.


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Now Maya-chan can sleep with a louder purr than before!


Source: YouTube

You can watch Maya-chan's cuddle triumph below.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.