While one appeal of Japan's boxed bento lunch boxes is the ability to get an assortment of great food for an affordable price on the go, sometimes one might find oneself splurging on a high-end gourmet bento that packs premium delicacies together. A clear standout in that category is the now famous ultimate meat lover's bento, featuring the best quality wagyu from Tottori prefecture (Wagyu Registry Association) as well as sweet and silky Kinu Musume rice!

The top quality meat monstrosity bento produced by Gokuriku clocks in at 4.5 kilograms, but aside from it's size and offering of arguably the very best quality Japanese meat, it grabbed headlines with its price--292,929 yen (a play on the pronunciation of the word "meat" in Japanese, "niku"--the box is being released to celebrate "meat day" in Japan), or $2,584.10 USD! The ornate wooden box comes with a serving of sauce made from Tottori prefecture's famous Asian pears, known for their juiciness, as well Japanese citrus and raw local wasabi which you can grate on the go, completing the luxurious theme. While probably intended to be shared among eaters, the bento has now won a Guinness World Record for a rather obvious category---the "Most expensive bento (meal in a box)" category.

While we're not sure what else was in the running, Gokuriku is celebrating by taking the formerly limited edition bento and making it available for year-round orders. It's only available to order for those in the general Tokyo area, and requires a two week order in advance, however.

Lined up with their cut from a cow in premium wagyu servings: brisket, loin and chuck slices, tongue, prime rib, tenderloin, chuck flap, top round, and temple.

YouTubers have taken to challenging the high-priced box of meat as well.

By - Big Neko.