Mega-popular anime series Neon Genesis Evangelion seems to have found an ally in professional Japanese blade makers. Just recently Evangelion's mecha designer teamed up with traditional Japanese sword makers for a Tokyo exhibit displaying original artwork and swords inspired by the series. Now Nikken Cutlery of Seki in Gifu prefecture, a city famous for its production of premium quality blades, is producing Evangelion Unit-01 and Evangelion Unit-02 inspired craft scissors.

The renown craft cutlery maker has been manufacturing high quality blades for over 70 years, and their latest release is called the A.T.FIELD EVANGELION WORK. Both scissors have the color scheme over their corresponding EVA Unit, and a serrated edge using the blend of cutting edge technology and traditional techniques Nikken has practiced since their beginning.

They are actually meant to benefit workers who need to cut through a wide variety of materials, as opposed to casually used scissors.

The scissors have bubbly colorful handles, safety holsters, and a NERV logo on the blade.

The scissors will be available at a variety of stores such as EVANGELION STORE TOKYO-0 TOY PARK Ginza Main Store for 2,500 yen, with more information available at Nikkan Cutlery.

By - Big Neko.