As if the arrival of newborn baby animals weren’t cute enough, two cubs at the African Safari Park have been stealing the hearts of Japan with their adorable furry friendship.

Located in Oita Prefecture, the wildlife park has been the home to these irresistible lion and tiger babies for about a month since their birth. Equally fluffy and charming, these cubs can’t get enough of each other — whether they’re napping or playing, they are always together.

According to the park, the cubs only have about 3 months left until they’re separated. While we would love to see these pals grow up together as best friends, saying goodbye is a necessary step to their happy and healthy growth.

Friends forever.

They’ve bonded with others in the animal kingdom, too.

It’s a relief knowing that they’ll have no problem making friends wherever they go. But hopefully, they’ll always remember the adorable friendship they had together during their first years in the big world.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.