If you aren’t enthusiastic about science, well, bear with it! Because it is important to know every little detail about Pokemon in order to catch ‘em all and possibly win a master title on the road. The illustrator and Pokemon scientist Christopher Stoll generously revealed a spectacular anatomy data picture to the Pokemon community. It took him 3 to 4 hours to draw on an Ipad, and with tons of detailed investigation and analysis. The scope of the data includes what’s “inside” the Pokemon, as well the course of signal, emotion, special ability, and danger that possibly could accidentally kill human if people train their Pokemon lightly.

Of course, being a Pokemon trainer is no easy task, but as long you clear this PokeNatomy 101 to understand their behavior, histories, and myths, you should be good to go to continue your adventurous Pokemon journey.

As you know, there is more Pokemon out there that we don't know. For more studies, here is the link.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.