Kyoto is known a the place that maintains much the Japanese traditional culture; there are Geisha, Buddhist temples, and tons of historical architectures to visit. And as for Pokemon GO players, this equally means Kyoto is the best place to catch’ am all!

A bunch of historical spots mean more Pokestops to restock Poke Balls, and more Poke Balls means more training and leveling up. The owners of Kyoto temples are aware that the absurd Pokemon wave of increased customers (trainers) is a positive thing to the God’s business. Therefore in return, a temple called Kannon set up an iPhone battery charger right next to the praying entrance. A kind treat to his visitors who plans to catch Pokemon in their holy area.

The Kannon temple also acts as a gym "(Pokemon battle field)" in the game, so many Pokemon trainers tend to experience low battery because of too much battling and catching at the same time. If you ever sweep by Kyoto, now you know where to charge your phone battery to continue your Pokemon journey.


38 Tera, Fukuchiyama, Kyoto Prefecture 620-0021

By - grape Japan editorial staff.