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Snorlax’s New Move Is The Best Thing In Pokemon Ever

There's no doubt that Snorlax (Kabigon in Japanese) has a charmed fan base among Pokemon fans. After all, Japanese fans are sacrificing space in smaller homes to fit giant cushion versions of the lethargic giant into their beds. However, part of Snorlax's appeal is that the gentle giant is a big sleepy head, and much like Totoro, comes across more as huge cuddle buddy than a raging beast. Well, not anymore. Thanks to Pokémon Sun and Moon, we can now see the darker side of Snorlax with the rage he unleashes once you wake him up.

The technique is Snorlax's new Z-move, a special technique used once per battle that coordinates to the Z-crystal you have. Snorlax's "Pulverizing Pancake" shows off the unrelenting rage of a giant whose slumber has been interrupted, and its naturally already been parodied.

Here's a video where you can see the technique performed normally:

By - grape Japan editorial staff.