Pan fried dumplings, pot stickers, or gyoza as they are known in Japan are a pretty versatile foodie fan favorite. Whether served as a side dish for ramen, a drinking snack, or a meal on their own, gyoza just have an irresistible mouthwatering quality to them that strikes the sweet spot between juicy and crispy.

But no matter how tasty the gyoza you've been served is, you'd probably never want to cuddle with them, especially ones that have been burnt to a crisp.

Japanese plushie artist Kanehira @simainusima) may have found the one possible instance in which you might consider a dumpling cuddle, however. Kanehira recently overcooked a batch of gyoza, burning them badly on the outside.

Source: @simainusima

Wanting to make the most of a bad situation, Kanehira used the burnt dumplings as inspiration to create a "burnt gyoza" plushie, and shared a photo of the adorable creation with the caption, "I'm a little burnt me?"

Source: @simainusima

You can just make out the beady eyes of cute charred dumpling plushie in the middle of its burnt face, making it look a bit like the Soot Sprites from Studio Ghibli's My Neighbor Totoro and Spirited Away.

For more awesome and adorable plushies, be sure to check out Kanehira on Twitter.

By - Big Neko.