Tomayto or Tomahto.

Japanese Twitter user @pasmal0220 is a tomato farmer, and runs the direct sales office for Soga Farm. The farm specializes in tomatoes and tomato juice, which have won the top prize at the Vegetable Sommelier Summit.

Their tomatoes aren't being talked about just for their quality, however. @pasmal0220 took to Twitter to share a story that almost sounds like an anime character's tearful background story.

While English speakers can cite the expression "Tomayto or Tomahto" as proof that either pronunciation is acceptable, in Japanese the word is strictly pronounced Tomahto (トマト). @pasmal0220 says that years ago when he was in junior high school, he pronounced it as "toumeitou"(トメイトゥ) and was laughed out. It turns out that he's been holding onto those bitter feelings for a while, and after all this time, he's getting the last laugh--with his status as a tomato farmer and salesman!

When I was a junior high school student, I pronounced it "toumeitou" and people laughed at me. In order to put an end to the worsening of my traumatic symptoms, from this year I've changed the name of our product to "toumeitou." Since doing that, customers shyly ask me "Can I please have toumeitou"?, and the store now has a warm and welcoming atmosphere. From now on, I think it should be "toumeitou" all throughout Japan.

Obviously, the story has gotten a lot of laughs, as well as some remarks about it being a genius tomato villain plot, but @pasmal0220's goal isn't actually revenge or anything so sinister. @pasmal0220's real motive seems to be that nobody should be laughed at for things like this, so by leveling the playing field and having everyone say "toumeito", he and others can shed any embarrassment. Rather, he's taking a past bitter experience and using it to give customers a smile via a product with a funny name.

Judging by the comments, he's done just that:

"I've had the exact same experience. What's wrong with "toumeito" anyway?!"

"This is a great story. I can feel the warm and welcoming mood of the store, and it's brought a smile to my face".

"'Toumeitou' looks delicious! I'll definitely order some."

No matter how you say it, they do look pretty tasty!

By - Big Neko.