One of the most exciting parts about planning a big trip abroad is choosing the best accommodation. Sure, you might not plan on spending the majority of the time in your hotel room, but you don’t necessarily want to stay somewhere where low prices are the only remotely positive aspects about the place.

Well, if you happen to be considering a trip to the southern part of Japan, there’s one ryokan (traditional Japanese inn) in Tokushima Prefecture where you’ll be guaranteed an experience worthy of an imperial king.

Yashiro No Mori is a ryokan themed after Japan’s Heian Period (794-1185), a flourishing era for the Japanese imperial court, and a period during which art — notably poetry and literature — thrived. Guests will immediately be transported over 1,000 years back in time, to a grand palace complete with enormous rooms, natural hot spring baths, and delicious feasts.

Visitors can look the part during their vacation in traditional robes from the Heian Period, or for an additional price, try on Jūnihitoe (an elegant, elaborate kimono that was only worn by court ladies) and Noushi (robes worn by Heian male nobility).


Source: Yashiro No Mori


Source: Yashiro No Mori

But the facility isn’t just a relaxing place to stay at. So that guests will get the whole “Heian experience,” the inn regularly hold events where they can watch the elegant movements of traditional Japanese dance performances, or play games that were enjoyed by people way back in the day.


Source: Yashiro No Mori

Though quite pricey at 36,000 yen (352 USD) per night, Yashiro No Mori will give you an experience even the Heian lords would be jealous of. So if you don’t mind the splurge, you can make your trip to Japan even more memorable by starting and ending your day at this elegant ryokan.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.