Even for non-fans of digital Japanese pop star Hatsune Miku, concerts featuring her 3D holographic self are quite the incredible sights to see. Despite being a Vocaloid who, if you reach out to touch her, is nothing more than a projection of lights and computer graphics, her powerful presence on stage will hypnotize you into thinking she is a real life superstar — and in so many ways, she is.

But knowing not everyone can go out to see her up close in concert, Japanese Twitter user @MiNoMuSu found a way to allow fans to get the full Hatsune Miku experience at home, only in miniature size.

The video shows a private concert Hatsune Miku held for the lucky fan in the comfort of his home, all created by @MiNoMuSu himself. He explains that he first built a transparent prism out of four separate panels, then made a video with four dancing Hatsune Mikus to get the 3D effect. By placing his phone over the prism and playing the video, a miniature Hatsune Miku appeared right before his eyes, a tiny yet still captivating holograph singing and dancing her heart away.

Similar techniques were used when another tech-savvy creative made Pokemon holograms, which tells us that as long as we have a few tools and some know-how, we can all create 3D holograms easily at home. If only this technique could easily be adapted to movies, too...

By - grape Japan editorial staff.