While Studio Ghibli's Spirited Away follows the fantastical adventures of Chihiro into the wondrous Spirit World, her tale would not be complete without the existence of Haku, the mysterious apprentice of Yubaba with dark hair and green eyes. His steadfast courage and dependable character has long made him a fan favorite of the film, and it's safe to say that Spirited Away wouldn't be complete without him.

And if you've always wished for a comrade like Haku (who hasn't?), you can now have him always by your side as an adorable neck pillow, which is as comfortable as he is loved.


Source: Amazon

The plush and cotton Haku neck pillow is available on Amazon by CoSmile, and is a cute version of Haku as a silver dragon snoozing away. It will fit perfectly right under your head, allowing you to sleep by his side whether you're on the train or napping at work. At 28x10cm, this charming pillow is portable and can tag along on whatever adventure you find yourself the protagonist of.


Source: Amazon

You can purchase it on Amazon for 28.59 USD. For anyone planning a getaway in any part of the world, real or spirit, this Haku neck pillow will make sure your journey is accompanied by comfort and charm.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.