Ideas borne out of a whim often turn out to be the seeds of something brilliant, and Cup Noodle brand Nissin had a similar flash of genius earlier this year when, as a playful joke, they posted a picture of a man holding a bag printed with the image of a kettle pouring hot water into a cup of instant noodles. For Nissin, it was probably nothing more than a creative way to humor Cup Noodle lovers visiting their Facebook page. Little did they realize that they had actually designed a hilarious bag that thousands of their hungry fans began to covet.

After receiving innumerable comments expressing the desire to have the kettle-and-cup-noodle bag, Nissin finally granted the wishes of thousands by making the Hot Water Pouring Bag in real life. No longer just an image on the internet, it is now a paper bag that will make anyone carrying it look as though they are holding a kettle and pouring hot water into a cup of noodles.

The Cup Noodle paper bag is available for purchase for 300 yen (3 USD) both online and at the Cup Noodle Museum in Yokohama. However, it has already sold out online, and unless they restock, the best chances of getting one will be at the museum. If you keep your eyes open, you might find someone holding this amazing paper bag in the streets of Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.