When it comes to souvenirs to bring back to your friends after visiting Tokyo, Tokyo Banana, a banana and milk flavored sponge cake, is the reigning champion. The number one selling sweet is so popular it's been turned into a premium golden Kit Kat flavor. Now Tokyo Banana is entering the ice cream game with a soft serve that recreates their iconic treat.

To celebrate it's 30th year anniversary, Tokyo Banana is releasing two ice cream cones inspired by the original sweet. One is a standard Tokyo Banana flavor and the second adds chocolate to the original recipe, but both soft serve ice cream use a banana puree and are served using a special "wide mouth" machine to recreate the spongy nature of Tokyo Banana cakes.

Both cones will go on sale at the EXPASA Ebina SASTAR 2 shop starting July 22nd.

By - Big Neko.