Not many shoes possess such natural beauty as these flowery shoes by Shigeru Ebata, a craftsman with 40 years experience in the shoe crafting business and an expert of flower symbolism. Every shoe contains a flower tied to a specific meaning, making them stand out but also fit your mood for the day.

Ebata's shoes have been widely exported overseas, appreciated for their detailed handcraft and design. More recently, he came up with a new idea to bring more floral magic into his work.

The newest shoes in his lineup is the Anemone flower heel shoe. Under the black shoe, the beautiful heel contains azure purple Hygrangeas and white Ammobium flowers. The Hydrangea (Ajisai) is an especially notable flower in Japan, almost as popular as Sakura.

Flower Symbolism:

Ammobium white - Still promise, strong vow.

Hydrangea - Friendly, family, peace.

The Anemome flower heel shoe is sold for 48,600 yen (US $467), and are offered only for domestic delivery. Unfortunately most sizes are sold out despite the store having restocked once already. Still, you can find the shoes at the Creema online store.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.