Universal Studios Japan (USJ)is marking their 15th anniversary year of collaborating with Snoopy. The instantly recognizable comic character whose adorable existence dates back to 1950. Snoopy has quite a big following in Japan, so big that the country even opened up the world’s first Snoopy museum in Tokyo last year.

And this is USJ's way of honoring Snoopy, the “Golden high-heel.”





Multiple Snoopies hoisting up the shoe, while others attempt to climb on it. If you take a close look you'll see many more Snoopies patterened into the golden heels as a design.

Snoopy should be happy, as his worth is being flaunted on these gaudy heels, clocking in at 20,000,000 yen (US $18,325). Too much honor to digest, Snoopy possibly is now crying in happiness. The glorious design may look like it's exhibit only , but actually is wearable. The limited edition Snoopy’s Golden high-hell can be found in Hollywood backlot boutique, around the center of USJ.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.