We've seen Japanese artists tap into the innate horrifying nature of Thomas the Tank Engine before, crafting apocalyptic models of the macabre that actually shoot lasers and crawl up and down the wall like terrifying machinery possessed by demons. Now a Japanese Twitter user and Jewelry artist has discovered what looks like a chilling grave to the surprisingly creepy steam locomotive during a walk in Tokyo.

"During my walk I found the grave of Thomas..."

The children's storybook character has an innocent smile that's almost too pleasant, and seems to be hiding something truly horrifying behind it. So you can imagine the shock that @Rui_Ifu felt when he discovered this eerie visage staring back at him on a stroll near what he described as the back of a construction site in Tokyo. Upon some further investigation and input from those who saw the creepy pics on social media, @Rui_Ifu seems to think that these are the disturbing remains of a special attraction Thomas the Tank Engine model created by the Oigawa Railway company a few years ago.

Many such mysterious scare spots in Japan are, like this Thomas face, abandoned or rarely visited, and made all the more unsettling by contrasting their discarded state with the liveliness they used to have. While it's nice to know that there isn't anything ghostly about this Thomas face (as far as we know...), that didn't stop Twitter users from making it even creepier!

One even provided a picture of a similar Thomas in Gunma prefecture.

Always keep your eyes peeled when walking around the hills of Tokyo.

By - grape Japan editorial staff.