You may remember the post-apocalyptic and Frankenstein's monster death machine version of Thomas the Tank Engine made by Japanese model maker and sculptor Y_Nakajima. Perhaps you can't forget because of its constant presence in the terrifying nightmares you have every night. Well, just in case you were running low on nightmare fuel, look no further than this creepy crawling Thomas the Tank Engine face with absolutely disturbing music.


Source: YouTube

Y_Nakajima usually crafts an appropriately disturbing backstory to match his his horrifying creations. For instance, the Mad Maxian post-apocalyptic Thomas the Tank Engine was born from Topham Hatt going insane after losing everything he had, and built Thomas as an unforgiving death machine. The latest Y_Nakajima nightmare fuel is the "Stray Thomas." On Twitter, he writes that "failed clone Thomas units are discarded, but some mysteriously start to move and function on their own, choosing to inhabit desolate places."

And when they come to life, they do this.

Y_Nakajima went back into his made laboratory to create this abandoned killer with a smile by modifying an Aero Spider RC car from Takara Tomy, as well as the HEX BUG nano, a small bug-shaped toy that frantically crawls about (usually a toy for cats). The glowing eyes of the Thomas clone that stare into your soul are actually the headlights of the Aero Spider. So as morbid and warped as some of his creations are, you gotta admit that Y_Nakajima is awfully creative!

The new face of terror...


Source: @y_nakajima_

...was born from a RC car.


Source: @y_nakajima_

It's a truly fitting unnerving creation, fitting of the legacy of madness and despair left by Post-Apocalyptic Thomas. This ghoulish face is an unholy combination of man-made machinery and demonic power. It truly belongs crawling the walls of Silent Hill. And just remember...

He's watching you...


Source: YouTube

By - grape Japan editorial staff.